GTU Computer Engineering Syllabus 1st Year Sem 1, 2 Download

GTU Syllabus 1st Sem Computer Engineering – From this article, you can download GTU Computer Engineering 1st-year sem 1 and sem 2 all subjects 2022-2023 latest syllabus.

GTU 2nd Sem Computer Engineering Syllabus – From this article, you can download the GTU Computer Engineering 1st-year sem 2 latest 2022-2023 syllabus.

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GTU Computer Engineering Syllabus Sem 1 & Sem 2

*L=lectures, T=tutorial, P=Practical, E=TheoryExternal, M=TheoryInternal, I=Practical Internal, V=Practical External, ESE – End Semester Examination, PA – Progressive Assessment
Effective from: 2018-2019

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SubCodeKnown AsSubject NameCreditsCategoryTeaching SchemeExamination MarksTotal
LTPTheory MarksPractical Marks
Viva (V)
3110001ChemistryChemistry4Basic Science (Elective)30270302030150
3110002EnglishEnglish3Humanities and Social Science20270302030150
3110003PPSProgramming for Problem Solving4Engineering Science30270302030150
3110005BEEBasic Electrical Engineering4Engineering Science30270302030150
3110006BMEBasic Mechanical Engineering4Engineering Science30270302030150
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3110007ESEnvironmental Science0Mandatory220703000100
3110012WorkshopWorkshop/Manufacturing Practices2Engineering Science004002080100
3110013EGDEngineering Graphics & Design4Engineering Science20470302030150
3110014Maths-IMathematics-I5Basic Science320703000100
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3110015Maths-IIMathematics-II5Basic Science320703000100
3110016BEBasic Electronics4Engineering Science30270302030150
3110017Induction Program0Mandatory00000000
3110018Physics – IIPhysics Group – II4Basic Science (Elective)30270302030150

GTU BE Computer Engineering Syllabus

No.GTU Computer Engineering Syllabus [All Semester]
1.Computer Engineering Sem 1 & 2 Syllabus GTU
2.Computer Engineering Sem 3 Syllabus GTU
3.Computer Engineering Sem 4 Syllabus GTU
4.Computer Engineering Sem 5 Syllabus GTU
5.Computer Engineering Sem 6 Syllabus GTU
6.Computer Engineering Sem 7 Syllabus GTU
7.Computer Engineering Sem 8 Syllabus GTU
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