JEE Main Papers in Gujarati | 2006 – 2024 PDF With Solution

JEE Main Question Papers in Gujarati – Jee Main Exam Is Taken By NTA (National Testing Agency ). From VisionPapers, you can Download JEE Main 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and more years of Paper in Gujarati.

In this post, i have provided download links for JEE Main 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024 Paper in Gujarati PDF Download

If you want to download JEE Gujarati Medium Question Papers, you can find year-wise and subject-wise PDF download links in the below table. Click on any paper you want and download the paper.

JEE Papers in Gujarati PDF

JEE Papers in Gujarati With Solution
JEE 2006 Paper in Gujarati
JEE 2007 Paper in Gujarati
JEE 2008 Paper in Gujarati
JEE 2009 Paper in Gujarati
JEE 2010 Paper in Gujarati
JEE 2011 (01 May) Paper in Gujarati
JEE 2011 (11 May) Paper in Gujarati
JEE 2012 Paper in Gujarati
JEE 2013 Paper in Gujarati
JEE Physics 2013JEE Chemistry 2013
JEE Physics 2014JEE Chemistry 2014
JEE Physics 2015JEE Chemistry 2015
JEE 2016 Maths Paper 1 – B.E/B.Tech

JEE 2016 Maths Paper 2 – B.Arch
JEE Physics 2017JEE Chemistry 2017JEE Maths 2017 Paper 1 – B.E/B.Tech

JEE Maths 2017 Paper 2 – B.Arch
JEE 2017 Paper in Gujarati (Evening)
JEE Physics 2018
(x4 Papers)
JEE 2019 Paper in Gujarati, Hindi, and English
JEE 2021 Paper in Gujarati
JEE 2022 Paper in Gujarati and English
JEE 2023 Paper in Gujarati and English
JEE 2024 Paper in Gujarati and English

Here JEE Main Gujarati question papers are used to practice for the entrance exam additionally perceive the difficulty level of the exam and understand which kind of questions are asked in the exam. Students will use these JEE Main Papers with solutions in Gujarati to analyze their preparation levels and improvise if required.

NTA can release the JEE Main answer keys after the conclusion of the exam. NTA also will release the student’s response sheets alongside JEE Main question papers.

JEE Main Question Papers Gujarati Medium PDFs

You can currently view or download JEE Main 2024 question paper for Gujarati Medium in PDF format. Also, all the JEE previous year’s question papers are available on Vision Papers. JEE Main 2019 paper in Gujarati, Question Paper 1 contains 90 questions divided equally among physics, chemistry, and mathematics, with 360 marks. Paper 2 question paper has 30 questions on mathematics, 50 on the ability test, and 2 questions on the drawing test.

Until now, CBSE has revealed JEE’s Main question papers. however, from 2019, NTA is getting ready for the JEE Main Question Papers. Candidates will use them at the side of the answer key of JEE Main to understand answers and calculate marks.

Last 5 and 10 Years JEE Main Question Papers in Gujarati

Here you can find the Last 5 and 10 Years of Jee Question Papers in Gujarati. Every student should check the JEE papers to know the pattern of the exam. Students who solve the previous year’s question papers of JEE perceive a higher trend of questions and topics asked on past exams.

Moreover, JEE Main’s previous papers might facilitate students to list out necessary topics based on weightage and set up their preparation consequently.

What are the advantages of solving JEE Main Question Papers in Gujarati?

There are various advantages of solving JEE Main question papers on a regular basis.

  • A better understanding of JEE Main Exam Pattern
  • Students can become familiar with the distribution of questions and topics
  • Also, students can understand the topics that dominated the paper each year.
  • After solving, Students should analyze their answers. this may help them to understand the topics during which they’re lagging.
  • Once they’re familiar with such topics, they’re suggested to go through the topics and improve them.
  • Regular solving of JEE Main previous question papers can help students finish the paper within 3 hours.
  • Also, Students can know how a lot of time to spend on every topic and can understand how to utilize the time properly.


  1. Why Should You Practice JEE Mains Previous Question Papers with Solutions in Gujarati?

    There are some benefits of Solving JEE Mains Previous Question Papers with Solutions in Gujarati.
    It will help you to understand the scheme of the exam.
    1. You may be able to attain a concept about the exam pattern.
    2. JEE Main sample paper makes you understand the distribution of marks.
    3. This helps you in being confident about the Main Exam.

  2. Can I crack JEE Main by solving the previous year's questions?

    Cracking JEE Main is all regarding your preparation for the examination. solving previous year's questions alone may not assist you to crack the exam. however, it'll assist you in preparing effectively for the exam. you'll even be able to gain a higher understanding of the concepts and develop better problem-solving and time-management skills. Further, you'll get to understand the exam pattern, which type of questions, and the marking scheme among others.

  3. What medium is the JEE Main question paper based on?

    The question paper is based on English and Hindi mediums. Students can change the medium at any point. However, students who are from Gujarat, Daman & Diu, and Dadra and Nagar Haveli can also opt for Gujarati as well.

  4. Can I change my answer during the exam?

    Yes, you can change your answers at any point during the exam.

  5. What is the examination mode of JEE Main?

    JEE Main exam is conducted through online mode wherever the test is held as a computer-based test. Paper-1 is entirely held in a computer-based mode whereas Paper-2, as well as mathematics and aptitude tests, is computer-based whereas the Drawing test is Pen and Paper-based.

  6. Where can I get or download JEE Main question papers in Gujarati?

    You can download JEE Main question papers with solutions in Gujarati from Vision Papers. There are serval JEE papers available in Gujarati on Vision Papers.

  7. Where can I find past year's JEE mains papers in Gujarati?

    You can find all the JEE Papers in Gujarati Medium on Vision Papers.

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