GTU Degree Engineering 1st Year Study Material {Everything}

Here in this article, I provided GTU Degree Engineering 1st Year or Sem 1 & Sem 2 Study Material Books PDFs For All Branches of Bachelor of Engineering.

It includes GTU Information Technology Study Material, Computer Engineering Study Material, Civil Engineering Study Material, Mechanical Engineering Study Material, Electrical Engineering Study Material, Electronics Engineering Study Material, Electronics & Communication Engineering Study Material or etc department study material.

GTU BE 1st Year Study Material

3110003 – PPS

3110004 – BCE

3110005 – BEE

3110006 – BME

3110007 – ES

3110016 – BE

3110011 – Physics 1

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    1. First, download the zip file by clicking on that link. After that extract the zip file, so you will see the EGD PPS file, then download WPS Office App and open EGD PPS File

      anything else then comment here will reply to you

    1. Thanks for informing.
      The issue has been caused because Google deleted all the files from the drive.
      I will try to fix it as fast as possible.

    1. Open ppt in read-only mode, description password is not set by me and is only required to make changes in ppt. you can read ppt without a password.

    1. The ppt does not require a password to view. It is only required to moderate the PPT content. So select the “read-only” option when you open PPT.

  1. There is Only 3 Chapters Are in 1st Sem BEE Guid GTU Mahajan Publication . Need Full One . Please , it’s humble request 🙏. Subject Code -3110005

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