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GTU Material

GTU Computer Engineering Syllabus

No.Computer Engineering Semester Wise Syllabus PDFs
1.Computer Engineering Sem 1 & 2 Syllabus GTU
2.Computer Engineering Sem 3 Syllabus GTU
3.Computer Engineering Sem 4 Syllabus GTU
4.Computer Engineering Sem 5 Syllabus GTU
5.Computer Engineering Sem 6 Syllabus GTU
6.Computer Engineering Sem 7 Syllabus GTU
7.Computer Engineering Sem 8 Syllabus GTU

GTU Information Technology Syllabus

No.Information Technology Semester Wise Syllabus PDFs
1.IT Sem 1 & 2 Syllabus GTU
2.IT Sem 3 Syllabus GTU
3.IT Sem 4 Syllabus GTU
4.IT Sem 5 Syllabus GTU
5.IT Sem 6 Syllabus GTU
6.IT Sem 7 Syllabus GTU
7.IT Sem 8 Syllabus GTU

GTU CE/IT Material Download

No.Computer Engineering Semester Wise Materials/Books
1.GTU Computer Engineering Sem 1 Material
2.GTU Computer Engineering Sem 2 Material
3.GTU Computer Engineering Sem 3 Material
4.GTU Computer Engineering Sem 4 Material

GTU Computer Engineering Papers

No.Computer Engineering Semester Wise Papers PDFs
1.GTU Computer Engineering Semester 6 Papers
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