GTU Information Technology Syllabus Sem 6 PDFs Download

GTU Syllabus 6th Sem Information Technology – From this article, you can download GTU Information Technology (IT) sem 6, 3rd year all subjects 2022-2023 latest syllabus.

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GTU Information Technology (IT) Syllabus Sem 6

*L=lectures, T=tutorial, P=Practical, E=TheoryExternal, M=TheoryInternal, I=Practical Internal, V=Practical External, ESE – End Semester Examination, PA – Progressive Assessment
Effective from: December 2020

CodeKnown AsSubjectCreditsCategoryTeaching SchemeExamination MarksTotal
LTPTheory MarksPractical Marks
Viva (V)
3160001DE 2 BDesign Engineering II B1Project Work002002080100
3160002CPDPContributor Personality Development Program2Personality development Elective20070302030150
3160003IPDCIntegrated Personality Development Course2Personality development Elective20070302030150
3161604IPImage Processing4Professional Elective – II30270302030150
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3161605SESoftware Engineering5Professional Core40270302030150
3161606CNSCryptography and Network Security4Professional Core30270302030150
3161607BDABig Data Analytics4Professional Elective – II30270302030150
3161608AIArtificial Intelligence4Professional Elective – II30270302030150
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3161609EADEnterprise Application Development4Professional Elective – III30270302030150
3161610DWMData Warehousing and Mining4Professional Elective – III30270302030150
3161611AWPAdvanced Web Programming4Professional Elective – III30270302030150
3161612MADMobile Application Development3Open elective – II20270302030150
3161613DAVData Analysis and Visualization3Open elective – II20270302030150

GTU BE Information Technology Syllabus

No.GTU Information Technology Syllabus [All Semester]
1.IT Sem 1 & 2 Syllabus GTU
2.IT Sem 3 Syllabus GTU
3.IT Sem 4 Syllabus GTU
4.IT Sem 5 Syllabus GTU
5.IT Sem 6 Syllabus GTU
6.IT Sem 7 Syllabus GTU
7.IT Sem 8 Syllabus GTU
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