What Is Insurance?

Insurance is a contract, represented by a policy, in which a policyholder receives financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance company. The company pools clients’ risks to make payments more affordable for the insured. Most people have some insurance: for their car, their house, their healthcare, or their life.

Insurance policies hedge against financial losses resulting from accidents, injury, or property damage. Insurance also helps cover costs associated with liability (legal responsibility) for damage or injury caused to a third party.

How Insurance Works

Many insurance policy types are available, and virtually any individual or business can find an insurance company willing to insure them—for a price. Common personal insurance policy types are auto, health, homeowners, and life insurance. Most individuals in the United States have at least one of these types of insurance, and car insurance is required by state law.

Businesses obtain insurance policies for field-specific risks, For example, a fast-food restaurant's policy may cover an employee's injuries from cooking with a deep fryer. Medical malpractice insurance covers injury- or death-related liability claims resulting from the health care provider's negligence or malpractice. A company may use an insurance broker of record to help them manage the policies of its employees. Businesses may be required by state law to buy specific insurance coverages.2

Types of Insurance

There are many different types of insurance. Let’s look at the most important.

Health Insurance

Health insurance helps cover routine and emergency medical care costs, often with the option to add vision and dental services separately. In addition to an annual deductible, you may also pay copays and coinsurance, which are your fixed payments or percentage of a covered medical benefit after meeting the deductible. However, many preventive services may be covered for free before these are met.

[Latest 2023-24] Ahmedabad DEO e-Question Bank for Class 10 & 12 PDFs Download

GSEB Ahmedabad DEO e Question Bank 2023–2024 PDFs Free Download – On December 22, 2023, DEO Ahmedabad released GSEB question banks for standards 10 and 12 for both the science stream and the general stream.

Ahmedabad DEO announced on November 3, 2023, that they had told the top teachers to prepare the question bank for the GSEB upcoming March 2024 exam according to the new paper pattern they released on October 27 of the same year. A total of 150 teachers have started preparing question banks. And on December 22, all the question banks for Standard 10 and 12 were released.

GSEB Class 10 Question Bank [2023-24]

No.GSEB Class 10 Latest 2023-24 Question BanksGujarati MediumEnglish Medium
1.10th Maths Basic Question Bank
2.10th Maths Standard Question Bank
3.10th Science Question Bank
4.10th Social Science Question Bank
5.10th English Question Bank

GSEB Class 12 Science Question Bank [2023-24]

No.GSEB Class 12 Science Latest 2023-24 Question BanksGujarati MediumEnglish Medium
1.GSEB 12th Physics Question Bank
2.GSEB 12th Chemistry Question Bank
3.GSEB 12th Maths Question Bank
4.GSEB 12th Biology Question Bank

GSEB Class 12 General Question Bank [2023-24]

No.GSEB Class 12 Commerce – Arts Latest 2023-24 Question BanksGujarati MediumEnglish Medium
1.GSEB 12th Account Question Bank
2.GSEB 12th Statistics Question Bank
3.GSEB 12th BA Question Bank
4.GSEB 12th Economics Question Bank
5.GSEB 12th English Question Bank
6.GSEB 12th Psychology Question Bank

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GSEB 12th Science Blueprint [Latest Updated]
GSEB 12th General Stream Blueprint [Latest Updated]

The District Education Officer (DEO) in Ahmedabad has initiated a new project to help students appear for the 10th and 12th board exams in March 2024. The DEO office is coordinating the preparation of question banks for the General stream of 10th and 12th, as well as the Science stream of 12th. The question bank is being prepared for key subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Gujarati, and English, with the assistance of 150 teachers specializing in these subjects.

What is the main purpose of these question banks?

The primary goal of this initiative, as explained by the Ahmedabad City DEO R.M. Chaudhari, is to improve the results of the city’s 10th and 12th board exams. The board has altered the format of the question papers, and efforts are being made to familiarise students and parents with the new format. The workshop for teachers preparing the question bank was organized on Friday at Sahajanand Gurukul in Asarwa, Ahmedabad.

What GSEB Board Say About 2023 Question Bank?

જિલ્લા શિક્ષણાધિકારીની કચેરી, અમદાવાદ શહેર ખાતે સંકલન સમિતિની બેઠક મળેલ. જેમાં ગુજરાત માધ્યમિક અને ઉચ્ચતર માધ્યમિક શિક્ષણ બોર્ડ ગાંધીનગર દ્વારા આગામી માર્ચ-૨૦૨૪ માં લેવાનાર SSC /HSC એસ.એસ.સી. તથા એચ.એસ.સી. પરીક્ષાને અનુલક્ષીને નવા જાહેર થયેલ પરિરૂપ મુજબ વિદ્યાર્થીઓને પરીક્ષાની તૈયારી માટે ઉપયોગી થાય તે માટે અત્રેની કચેરી દ્વારા બોર્ડના મુખ્ય વિષયો માટે ઈ-પ્રશ્નબેંક તથા બે આદર્શ પ્રશ્નપત્ર અમદાવાદ શહેરની જુદી જુદી શાળાઓના વિષય નિષ્ણાત શિક્ષકો દ્વારા તૈયાર કરવામાં આવેલ છે. આ પ્રશ્નબેંક તથા આદર્શ પ્રશ્નપત્રની મદદથી વિદ્યાર્થીઓ સારા ગુણ મેળવી સફળતા પ્રાપ્ત કરે તેવો ઉમદા આશય છે. આ પ્રશ્નબેંકની નિ.શુલ્ક છે. તથા આ પ્રશ્નબેંક ઈ-પ્રશ્નબેંક હોવાને કારણે વિદ્યાર્થીઓને જે વિષયમાં મહાવરાની જરૂર હોય તે વિષયની પ્રશ્નબેંક ડાઉનલોડ કરી મહાવરો કરી શકે છે. [1]

Coordination committee meeting held at District Education Officer’s office, Ahmedabad city. In which SSC/HSC SSC exam to be conducted by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Gandhinagar in March 2024 According to the newly announced pattern, the office has prepared an e-question bank and two model question papers for the main subjects of the board by the subject expert teachers of different schools of Ahmedabad city to help the students prepare for the examination. With the help of this question bank and ideal question paper, the students get good marks and achieve success. This question bank is free of charge. Since this question bank is an e-question bank, students can download and practice the question bank of the subject in which they need to practice. [1]

About question banks

A digital question bank comprising important questions from 15 subjects, with a total of 500 to 1,000 questions, has been prepared by the District Education Office (DEO) in Ahmedabad city. Any student in the state can easily obtain this resource from VisionPapers, and it is available free of charge. The question bank includes approximately 1,000 questions for each subject, and it has been developed to aid students in their preparation for the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board’s (GSEB) class 10 and 12 exams.

This initiative marks a significant advancement in the examination method for classes 10 and 12 in Gujarat, bringing about substantial changes in both the exam pattern and study curriculum. The digital question bank, prepared with the assistance of subject-specific teachers in Ahmedabad, covers the main subjects of classes 10 and 12 in both the general and science streams.

R.M. Chaudhari, the District Education Officer of Ahmedabad city, along with the entire team at the DEO office, has worked on creating these question banks for both the class 10 and 12 streams. The launch of the digital question banks was announced recently, and they are expected to revolutionise the way students prepare for board exams in the state.

The question banks, consisting of 500 to 1,000 questions for each subject, aim to simplify exam preparation and make it more effective for students. This initiative is expected to benefit students across the state, ensuring a smooth and standardised approach to exam preparation.


I hope you have downloaded the GSEB Latest 2023 – 2024 updated question banks pdf for class 10 and class 12. And if there is a problem in downloading any file let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to solve your problems.


  1. Will there be questions from these question banks in the board exam?

    In the curriculum, the board has mentioned that these question banks will be useful in exam preparation and also they were released to improve the overall result of the board exam. So we cannot say absolutely that there will be questions from these question banks in the exam. But there can be similar or the same questions.

  2. Who prepared these question banks?

    R.M. Chaudhari, the District Education Officer of Ahmedabad City, along with the entire team of 150 teachers, has created these question banks.

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